Hen and Hammock

Hand-crafted, eco-friendly home and gardenware Hen and Hammock

    Their Story

    Hen & Hammock are a small independent business that sells products to help make your garden and home a more beautiful place. They do this by offering products which look good and are good for the environment. They believe outdoor living is good for the soul and we firmly agree.

    Andrew, the sole owner of Hen & Hammock was working in London within the tech sector. He followed his dreams out to the countryside and bought a farm where he started selling some of the hand made products he was buying and making with his family. As his customers grew quickly so did the product line ranging from garden hammocks to Panama hats. Working with alternative producers from around the world sustainability was at the heart of everything.

    The old website was built using an out of date platform which started causing SEO and security headaches. The lack of a mobile friendly design was also frustrating his customer base. Limesharp were commissioned for a full responsive re-design and migration to Magento.

    Hen Hen

    User Experience

    Both Hen & Hammock and their producers have an incredible story and some great content. We focussed on complimenting the eCommerce with how to’s, tips, galleries and information on where the products come from. In turn this has resulted in a website that feels like it actually cares about sustainability and the environment.

    One of the key design features of the site gives the ability to change the look, feel and content to match the seasons. The modular homepage grid can be updated to focus on seasonal products such as sledges & wellies during the winter or gardening products when spring arrives. Producers are featured and rotated on the homepage giving their story and products the lime light.

    Meet the producers gives the customers an opportunity to explore the craftsmen who created the products.



    Hen & Hammock's organic SEO was suffering due to their old platform creating duplicate content. Pages were being generated automatically by the system without friendly URLs or the ability to create unique page titles and meta data. They were also unable to create canonical tags to point Google to the right pages. This is a common problem on eCommerce stores and something that needs to be managed especially when using technology such as layered navigation (filter systems).

    Out of the box, Magento is an "SEO friendly" platform however there are some common pitfalls that you need to be aware of when building bespoke solutions. Through the use of custom robot tags in the sites head and correct use of canonical tags we managed to clear up the duplicate content issues Hen & Hammock were experiencing on their old platform.

    Every project we undertake SEO is considered early on as opposed to an afterthought, whether that is a brand new website, a platform migration or simply building a custom extension.

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