Luxury Artisan

Re-Brand, Design & Responsive Magento Build Luxury Artisan

    Celebrating the art of the craftsman with a passion for luxury

    The Brand

    Luxury Artisan’s collection of luxurious leather goods ranges from leather iPad cases in vibrant colours to handmade Italian leather briefcases. Their products appeal to the discerning individual, who has a good eye for quality, and truly appreciates the finer things in life.

    Their existing branding and website did not match aesthetically with their values or collection of products. As a result, Luxury Artisan were having difficulty obtaining representation of exclusive brands.

    Limesharp were commissioned to create a new visual language and style to accompany a fully responsive website built on Magento.

    Luxury Luxury Luxury Luxury Luxury


    The existing branding and style felt outdated and was un-appealing to their target market. Through the use of inconsistent typography and a vibrant colour palette the brand positioning was disconnected from their principles. Our approach was to create a refined, modern style that reflected the craftsmanship that goes into each of the brands they were representing.

    A key part of the branding process was to provide a visual mark that could be used primarily on the website but also on their luxury packaging. Inspired by art deco typography with a modern edge we created a unique symbol that can stand alone without the full logo and still be instantly recognisable. We paired this with a contemporary sans-serif font to complement the design.


    User Experience

    With the new visual language defined we focused on creating a customer journey founded by analysing data from the existing website. This resulted in re-structuring the navigation and designing a drop down menu to provide a visual, clear user journey.

    Each brand that had been carefully selected by Luxury Artisan had engaging history and stories waiting to be showcased. We devised a modular system for the homepage so that each brand could be in the spotlight each week and easily updated by the content team. Through the use of layered navigation and quick view modals the user can arrive at their desired product quickly and gather all the information required to make the purchase through engaging content.

    The site is fully responsive and built using a mobile first approach to ensure clear UX and a consistent experience for all devices being used. Particular focus was given to the one click shopping from the category page through to the intuitive, easy to use checkout.

    Rupert Bullock, Owner

    In Limesharp we found an agency with excellent design and rebranding skills, as well as technical expertise for the website.

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