This year Limesharp took the trip up to Manchester to attend a conference we've only ever heard great things about, Mage Titans. Hosted by Space48, Mage Titans is a two day learning conference focused on Magento development merging those new to the community with the leading names in Magento.

We arrived on the Friday where a day of dev exchanges awaiting us. One of the great things about Mage Titans is the ability for those within the community, no matter if they are new or a veteran, to share their thoughts, ideas and feelings about developing on Magento.

One of the main topics we took interest in were building robust integrations for Magento 2. This is something we have a lot of knowledge of and we were keen to share this with the community and gather feedback on our processes. We have developed a number of integrations of the past few years for ERP systems such as Prima Solutions, IQ, Title Database and LBS. 

It was interesting to be able to chat with others in the community on how they approach integrations and the steps they take to improve existing integrations. We discussed topics on how to handle errors within integrations including email alerts, recording requests to the ERP system itself and how this should be handled via SOAP requests or log files, how often data should be sent over, and how to ensure that if a request does fail during a process that it does not interrupt a customer's website and checkout experience.


Minesh from Limesharp discusses Magento 2 integrations with developers in the community.

The other topic we took interest in on Day One was a discussion on the migration of Magento 1 to Magento and how best to prepare for this. One main point of the discussion was the task of migrating data and the best way to handle this. Many members of the community have differing opinions on the best approach for this and it was very interesting to hear a number of viewpoints including importing data via third party modules and writing unique, custom modules that handle all of the data imports per client.


Douglas Radburn takes the stage. Photo courtesy of Pinpoint.

The second day of the conference was full of incredibly interesting talks provided by some of the real 'Mage Titans' of the Magento world. 

These talks included Vinai Kopp talking about the route to becoming a certified Magento developer including what to expect in the exam, what you can do to prepare for it and how you can use your practical experience working with Magento to help you in the exam. One interesting note was how much he stressed the importance of using the study guide and documentation provided by Magento as this is an incredibly important asset - our developers would agree!

Following on from our demo of ShipperHQ's brand new checkout, we were delighted that Karen Baker from ShipperHQ was providing a talk on their progress with the checkout and how PWA (progressive web applications) will be a game changer for Magento. Limesharp have been working full force with PWA and it's fantastic to see another like-minded business already at the point of going live with this new technology.

PWA was a big discussion point of MageTitans and we attended a number of talks on this technology and how much it will benefit and change the Magento platform. We also attended talks on the importance of testing (it's always important!) and ways to improve working with database management.

A couple of the talks that we particularly enjoyed focused on what the future of Magento will hold for the community that works with it. This included how Magento are making it easier for us to work with providing schema updates via a declarative approach. We were really interested in this as it means developers will have to rely on just one table rather than having a large UpgradeSchema.php file speeding up our processes.

Our final highlight was the chance for us to learn about Open Sourcing Mental Health which is a great organisation encouraging the talk about mental health within the tech industry which is often something that is overlooked.

We had a fantastic time at Mage Titans and we're already looking forward to next year!