What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are websites that look, feel and react like a traditional mobile app. This means users can access your website, including all functionality like purchasing, without the need to download a mobile app. Mobile apps, especially those offered by brands, are struggling to resonate with users and statistics have shown that an average US mobile consumer downloads less than one app to their phone a month. 

Progressive Web Apps aim to beat this stat by utilising modern web technology to deliver app-like experiences straight to the user’s browser.


What are the benefits of using this technology?

There are many benefits to using Progressive Web Apps. 

From a key statistic point of view, Progressive Web Apps have so far enabled companies to easily increase their mobile conversion rate, amount of page visits and engagement and the time spent per session. 

There are a number of other positives to using PWA technology including:

  • Improved performance of your mobile site
  • A big reduction in mobile loading speeds
  • Reduced data usage from your customers due to a lighter page load
  • Ability to download your website and use it in the same way as a mobile app
  • Offline capabilities including purchasing
  • Increased customer engagement with functions like push notifications
  • Increase in SEO Ranking as PWA is a Google project

What are some examples of Progressive Web Apps currently in use?

Progressive Web Apps are still a new technology and as everyone starts to gear up towards using them, there are not a large amount of live examples of the moment. We’ve picked out some the best below from a range of marketplaces, travel, beauty and entertainment.

What are the results?

The results are different per implementation but overall are creating an overwhelmingly positive for the consumer. There are similarities in results between all implementations showing big improvements in conversion rates, engagement, and time spent per session.


Lancome were one of the first e-commerce brands using Progressive Web Apps for their mobile user. A case study from Google shows a fantastic uplift in key statistics across the board.

  • 17% increase in conversions
  • 8% increase in conversions on recovered carts via push notifications
  • 15% decrease in bounce rates
  • 51% increase in mobile sessions
  • 84% less time taken until the page is interactive

Why are we talking about Progressive Web Apps now?

Progressive Web Apps are currently the talk of the town within the Magento community and there is a growing appetite for the technology amongst a number of Magento merchants, especially those who are due to migrate to Magento 2. This is partly due to the rise in popularity of the technology and market leaders like Uber, Trivago and Starbucks utilising Progressive Web Apps to a very positive reception and increase in key statistics, and partly due to the Magento themselves increasing awareness with their aim to support the technology as much as possible.

Just this week, Magento launched their PWA Studio allowing all Magento developers to utilise Progressive Web App tools to allow the community to begin building online stores with app-like experiences.

Progressive Web Apps are on the rise and could soon be the most popular way to implement your mobile experience.

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