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Scalable design & build for a fast growing start-up Sous Chef

    Foodie heaven loved by restaurant chefs and home cooks alike.


    We jumped at the chance to work with Sous Chef on this highly original concept. Nicola Lando (Sous Chef co-founder) had previously been working in a Michelin starred restaurant, she wanted the ability to cook the same food at home but simply couldn't get hold of the ingredients in cupboard friendly sizes. This frustration has driven her to create a new business with her husband delivering hard to find ingredients, cookbooks and stunning tableware.

    Sous Sous Sous


    There was a lot of scope for creativity in this project all the way from design to the functionality. The result is a clean, stylish site that combines products and content to deliver a unique shopping experience. The key to it's success was to balance simplicity and ease of use for returning customers but also provide inspiration and education to the food buffs. 

    Sous Chef approached us with little more than a logo and a concept. We helped shape the whole look and feel of the brand which is now present across all touch points including their lovely packaging.



    Before Sous Chef was launched, Nicola the owner ran a successful food blog covering an array of unique recipes using hard to find ingredients. Very quickly she built up regular visitors who loved to comment, discuss and try out these recipes themselves. One of the early themes of the brief was how we could re-create this community and encourage customers to review products and feel engaged. To achieve this we created a fully integrated Wordpress section where Nicola and the Sous Chef team could upload recipes, interviews and articles but also tag in the products that each article featured allowing the customers to buy straight from the article. The Wordpress comments section also provides a place for questions and feedback on the recipes which is always jam packed with interesting opinion.

    Product Reviews

    If you are a regular shopper online you will understand the power of reviews. Magento has review functionality built in however they aren't impartial, this led us to integrate with a 3rd party review system Feefo. We developed a bespoke Magento module that pulls in the reviews that Feefo collect on a daily basis from the order history. Since the site was launched, Feefo have collected over 2500 reviews which are all displayed across the site.

    Seamless Wordpress integration allows articles to be tagged with featured products and purchased directly from the recipes.

    Nicola Lando (Owner)

    We've been working with Limesharp for over five years now and that's a testament to our faith in them. Limesharp have consistently helped us to improve the website and the brand, worked with us collaboratively on our ideas and increased the most important metrics.

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